Body Makeover: The Natural Way

I never thought that I would be a person discussing the number of sizes I dropped. I’ll get straight to the point – in the last year I went from size 6 to size 0. No joke! Although I didn’t have a poor body image, losing a few extra pounds helped me to get toned and fit. My secret – Kangen water!

Prior to drinking Kangen (9.5pH) water, I drank bottled water and many other drinks that were highly acidic. To neutralize that acid, the body was creating more fat cells resulting in body weight gain, which I attributed to the natural process of getting older. However, by switching to non-acidic alkaline Kangen water, the fat storage became reduced, which is the reason I was able to noticeably shed the unnecessary weight.

So many people get on diets that prohibit them enjoying the foods that they love. Worthy of noting is that many of these diets only work temporarily because once the food restriction regime is lifted, people bounce back to their original (or prior to the diet) weight. The reason for putting on the weight is because the problem was not treated from within. That is, instead of curing the root of the problem, they treated a symptom.

Given that our bodies are 70% water, by changing to healthy – Kangen – water, I got to the root of the problem allowing my body to function at its optimal level. Simply put, I created a sanctuary of wellness. Also important to note is that the more Kangen water I drink, the less unhealthy beverages and foods I crave. And, because water is a part of my everyday life, drinking Kangen water enables me to maintain my healthy weight.

Have you secretly considered a natural body makeover? If so, Kangen water is a must for you. Prepare to be amazed!

P.S. Have I known that I will undergo a dramatic size change, I’d do the traditional picture from the side. But then again, the difference in pant size, as shown on the picture, is proof enough.

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