Health Priorities

In late May, Carlos and I took a road trip to Washington where he was a keynote speaker at the Enagic event put forth by his leaders. I had the pleasure of meeting so many members of his team as well as those individuals who have influenced his professional journey. As I listened to each story about what made each one of them make a career of becoming distributors for this revolutionary Japanese water technology, I noticed a common denominator – the water either improved that person’s own health or health of the loved ones, or both.

Each story was unique highlighting the powerful properties of Kangen water. For example, a gentleman shared a story of his wife having severe stomach ulcers to the point of being bedridden, but all of this changed after a few glasses of Kangen water that a friend shared with him and his wife. It was clear to him that if he wanted his wife to stop suffering from immense stomach pain, he would need to find a way to have a Kangen water machine in his life. At the time, financing or purchasing a $2,000 water machine seemed impossible because of financial difficulties that he was experiencing. Let me put it this way – his car was in such a bad condition that he often had to pull over to the side of the road and turn on the heat to cool down his car. While having a reliable form of transportation is important, this man understood that being in good health is life’s necessity. Clearly, just like many of us, he had to overcome many challenges. Today, however, he has a reliable car, and most importantly, a healthy wife!

If you were in a similar situation, what would you do? So many of us neglect our health until our bodies cry for help. Then, we are “forced” to rely on chemical treatments (i.e., medication) to do the work that the body is capable of doing on its own, provided the right support (Batmanghelidj, 2008). And, I’m not only alluding to the importance of water intake to keep the body hydrated, which is an important function of health; the body also needs proper rest, exercise, and nutritional diet (Robson & Gray, 2006). After all, the choices we make in these areas are the common causes of many illnesses.

Attending this event reinforced me to reevaluate my priorities. Just like you, sometimes I get so ambitious about my goals that I deprive myself of goodnight sleep or exercise. Importantly, despite having Kangen water in my life, sometimes I get “behind on my water.” In the end, it’s a lose-lose situation for me. Such poor lifestyle habits contribute to dehydration, cravings of unhealthy snacks and foods that are high on carbohydrates, and sluggishness, ultimately resulting in a lack of desire to pursue my goals and even enjoying life. Does that ever happen to you? If so, let’s commit to staying and feeling healthy by supporting our bodies.


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