How Often Should You Be Washing Your Hair?

I have asked myself that question many times before. As an avid reader and follower of many beauty bloggers (some of whom are professional hairstylists), I learned that washing hair everyday can dry out the scalp resulting in more, not less, oil secretion. Also, washing hair too frequently can make hair look unhealthy and dry. But what’s the alternative?

Fortunately, there are hair products that you can buy, like dry shampoo, to remedy the problem. I’ve tried many of them. While the problem can be temporarily fixed with the use of these products, none of them provide the feeling of feeling fresh. You know that feeling when you took a shower and you just feel so pristine and ready to take on the world? That’s the one!

Although I appreciate the advice of fewer hair washes, I think there are many variables to consider, like the texture and length of the hair as well as whether the hair has been chemically treated. And, what if exercise is a part of your daily routine? Can dry shampoo stand up to that challenge? Because everyone’s hair and lifestyle is uniquely different, it is nearly impossible to come up with a universal formula that would work for everyone.

After many trials and errors, I came to a conclusion that I can’t afford to sacrifice my daily hair-washing routine. Most importantly, I am absolutely guilt-free about this decision because I wash my hair in water that is ionized through the home spa device called Anespa DX. This system effectively removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals that are found in tap water, which are linked to scalp dryness and dandruff. In addition to eliminating toxic substances, bacteria, and dirt, the system produces moisturizing mineral ion water leaving my hair silky soft and substantially more amenable to styling.

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