Lifestyle Decisions

When I met Carlos, I was intrigued that he would consistently, yet politely, decline the servers’ suggestions to purchase alcoholic drinks when he took me out on dates. Me? I used to like an occasional drink here and there, mainly for the reasons of feeling more sociable, and to some extent, less inhibited. For example, when going out with friends, my rule was one glass of wine or a mixed drink (but no more than two!) that I would spread out for the entire evening. Although I take full responsibility for the decisions that I made to have a drink, there was some level of peer pressure for not wanting to be perceived as an outcast. Also, I was under a false pretense that having a drink will make the experience more fun. And lastly, I insisted to believe that somehow any challenges that I may have had would magically disappear or solve themselves. In sum, a drink served a function of avoiding discomfort and escaping reality.

Although I did not feel any pressure or confrontation to stop enjoying an occasional glass of wine now that I was in a relationship, I decided to abandon that habit. When making that decision, I became aware that many influential leaders, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, late Steve Jobs who was caught toasting with a glass of water at President Barack Obama’s summit dinner, and even President Donald Trump, have decided to show up 100% sober for life. Although my motivation was not rooted in the lifestyle of others, it was an indication that living without alcohol and having a fulfilling life is quite possible.

Embracing life without alcohol, or sobriety, if you will, has been a life-changing experience. There is freedom and satisfaction in enjoying life moments just as they come, without any filtration, allowing me to be my true authentic self. I give myself permission to experience an array of emotions, even those that are less pleasant. Instead of numbing any discomfort, I surrender to the power of prayer as well as to the practice of meditation and yoga. These simple lifestyle changes allowed me to be more in tune with who I am and reach greater levels of spiritual awakening and both physical and psychological well-being. And, Kangen water that I’m drinking, of course, without a doubt in my mind, contributes substantially to my new and improved living experience.

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