Nature and Kangen Water

It is commonly recommended that we drink an average of 6 to 8 16-oz glasses of water per day to keep our body hydrated, detoxified, vibrant, and free of muscle fatigue. However, the quality of water that we should be drinking is usually left out of the conversation. The key to the benefits of drinking the recommended amount of water is not just drinking any water, but drinking healthy water.

According to recent studies, our tap water is highly contaminated and includes a number of unregulated chemicals that derive from industrial activities, factory discharges, and consumer products. Although filters and bottled water may seem like an improvement (and it is, especially in comparison to treated tap water), the filtration process requires that artificial chemicals, like chlorine, be added to the water to kill dangerous parasites. In turn, chlorine has adverse effects on mental and physical health and has actually been found to increase the risk of cancer. Relatedly, despite the purification process, many bottled water brands or filtered tap water are highly acidic, creating an adverse internal environment for the development of various illnesses and disorders.

Then what water should we be drinking? The answer is Kangen water, which mimics the nature in its perfect form. When lightning strikes water in rivers, lakes, and oceans, it causes the dissociation of the water. This process occurs approximately 750,000,000 times each day. This phenomenon restructures the water splitting it into one-part oxygen and two-parts hydrogen, creating an abundance of active hydrogen and beneficial properties for our planet and our bodies. This natural process in nature is recreated by Enagic’s patented process through a device you can purchase for your home. The patented name of this amazing water is Kangen water. Kangen water is a Japanese word meaning return to origin. Kangen water, when consumed fresh daily from your own device, provides regenerating and reinvigorating properties that are beneficial for healing and longevity. Kangen water is an important source of energy, and provides other health benefits, which are discussed in other entries.




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