Oily Hair in One Day? No More!

Self-check if any of these feelings apply to your hair routine…

  • Frustrated with washing your hair every day.
  • No matter what shampoo you try, your hair gets oily in some places, like by the temples, but not others, like the crown of the head.
  • You even tried dry hair shampoo, but does it really work? Okay, maybe the quality ones do work, but do you really want to spend $20+ on dry shampoo if you could just wash your hair?
  • The dry hair shampoo, especially the least expensive ones, leave potent obnoxious smell that’s in your hair for the rest of the day.
  • You want to take break from washing your hair every day to save a little bit of time, but you still want your hair to feel fresh.

Okay, there might be more reasons, but this scratches the surface of how I felt about my every-day hair routine until now. Secret? Prepare to be amazed.

Aside from washing my hair in healthy ionized mineral water that comes through the Anespa DX system that removes chlorine, I add about a tablespoon of salt to the palm of shampoo. Results? I can go three days without washing my hair. I don’t know science behind it, but I know it works. Salt removes excess oil from the oil strands and leaves my hair grease-free for days.

I’m definitely not complaining about an extra hour that I gained each day that I’m not washing my hair. 

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