I was introduced to the amazing Kangen water in January of 2018. And, less than 8 months later, I decided to use my passion for writing (and creativity) to connect with people around the world about the benefits that this water provides. After drinking Kangen water for less than a month, I experienced substantial improvements in my overall well-being. The first noticeable change was that I didn’t have reoccurring headaches that I would usually get from working at the computer for long hours. The second (and major!) improvement was that I no longer relied on over-the-counter medicine to treat my allergic reaction to pollen. Last but not least, I experienced effortless sustainability of energy and exuberance throughout the day and a reduction in overall body fat.

Just like you, I was skeptical believing that drinking Kangen water could make such a remarkable difference in my life. I mean, after all, it’s just water, right? Well, that was my initial reaction, but being a researcher by nature, I challenged myself to learn the nuts and bolts of the ionization process and alkalinity of Kangen water. As a side note, all of this was happening while writing my doctoral dissertation. Clearly, I was eager to understand what makes Kangen water so special. Additionally, I attended numerous webinars and talked to others about the benefits that they were reaping by drinking Kangen water, which further reinforced the validity of information that I gathered through my own research.

Because of my improved health and well-being, I became passionate about sharing Kangen water with family, friends, and colleagues. To capture greater audience who could benefit from drinking Kangen water, the idea for this blog was realized. I believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, and, adding Kangen water to the daily routine (by removing the acidic water from the diet) will provide a platform for accomplishing that objective.

Delicately Yours,