The Magic of Kangen Water

It’s coming up a year since I’ve made the switch to drinking Kangen water, as opposed to bottled, filtered, or even tap water. It’s also been almost a year since I had flu or experienced major headaches. The improvements in my physical health are simply astonishing. And the most attributable change to my lifestyle was the quality of water. If you’re not drinking the best water there is, what’s your excuse? So many people put premium fuel in their cars, but when it comes to their health habits, they settle for the bare minimum. What’s stopping you from giving your body the best fuel for optimal functioning?

Based on my observations, some people buy into the “it’s almost too good to be true” type of mentality. In fact, in my own experience, a person I know who has sleep apnea was pleasantly surprised to have experienced immediate benefits of Kangen water. Despite being on medication, it was the day when I shared Kangen water with her that she was able to get a good night sleep. However, and sadly for her, she decided that it’s impossible that water alone could solve the mounting pile of health issues that she was having. Perhaps she was right. Maybe water could not cure all of her diagnoses, but she robbed herself of eliminating at least one problem that she had.

I’ve always been interested in human behavior, and this incidence was no exception. So many people rely on synthetic pills to solve their health issues knowing that while any medicament can treat a diagnosed problem, it has a host of side effects. This is especially true in Western societies, where “reactive medicine” is the accepted norm. And because so many are immune to that type of lifestyle, the alternative – not relying on prescription medication – seems unrealistic. While each person has a freedom to choose, especially after being exposed to the information, I’m glad that I had the tenacity to pursue true health that is free of dependency.

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