The Power by Rhonda Byrne

Many of you have probably read or at least heard of the book called The Secret, which hit the bookshelves of major retailers in late 2006. I had no idea what this book was about, but I remember doing some last minute Christmas shopping and I picked up two copies for two colleagues who have made a positive impact in my life. Then, over the course of the next ten years, The Secret DVD and The Secret book were given to me as a gift by two different individuals. Despite my skepticism on The Law of Attraction, I began to wonder about the reasons this book (or the message of this book) kept being reintroduced to me.

The unfolding of “giving and receiving” is interesting because I got back precisely what I gave away, which is the underlying message of the book. And, it’s not necessarily that I received the same physical object back, although it’s nice to see The Law of Attraction in action in its physical form. Rather, my intentions for others to be well and successful were directed back at me. 

The message of “giving and receiving” is even more eloquently articulated in the book called The Power, which is a sequel to The SecretThe Power urges us to become aware of our feelings as each moment we are attracting that what we put out. For example, by giving attention to negative feelings about a situation or a person, we are attracting more of the same into our lives. To change the potential snowballing of negative thoughts and feelings, love is the key. Instead of dwelling on what somebody did or what somebody did to you, choose to send love. What works for me is realizing that just like me, the other person is, too, a child of God. 

Show love through gratitude for what you have and for what you want to have. Get in the place of appreciation even though you might not yet have a physical evidence of what you desire. If you want to be healthy, tell your body how much you appreciate it. Look at your hands and thank them for helping you get your daily tasks done. Give your eyes a compliment and thank them for introducing you to your surroundings. You get the point!

Scientists have discovered that even water structure changes based on the words that we say. In an experiment, when water was exposed to positive words (like “gratitude” and “thank you” and “I love you”), the drops became more beautiful under a microscope than when exposed to negative words. This finding is relevant to our health because our bodies are made up 70% of water. Imagine what’s happening to the water molecules in your body when you offer thoughts of gratitude and feelings of appreciation through both acts of kindness and proper hydration. Now, that’s love in action!

Whatever you want to manifest in your life, give lots and lots of feelings of love to it.  The more love you give, the more love will come back to you. The more positive feelings you create, the more positive situations and people you will attract into your life. Instead of poisoning your mind with news and traffic updates, read a chapter of The Power in the morning (it’s an easy read) and watch your day become a blissful experience. 

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