The Process of Setting and Achieving Goals

I have been an absolute self-help or self-improvement junkie for more than 10 years. Any readings on how to become a better version of myself fascinate me and are the only type of “pleasure” readings that can hold my attention. As we are approaching to closing the 2018 chapter, some of us may feel optimistic about going into 2019, whereas others may feel disappointed that some wishes or goals are not yet realized, making us question our potentials and whether setting new heights will set us for another disappointment. I’ve been in both positions, and the latter does not feel so good. But, as I was trying to figure out why some of my dreams and goals remained unanswered, I came across helpful pieces of information that helped me put things in perspective. In this post, I want to share with you what I’ve learned so that you will continue to dream big and set goals to live a purposeful life.

Many of us have probably already heard that a dream is just a wish if you don’t write it down. In response to that, I’ve been an advocate of writing down my dreams, especially at the dawn of each New Year. I noticed, however, that some goals were getting accomplished, whereas other goals became a “reoccurring event” on my list. For example, a dream of visiting New York City (NYC) has been reoccurring on my goals-list since 2010. After so many failed tries, I had to stop and reevaluate why this dream was not coming to pass. In fact, and as I have learned from motivational leaders, in addition to writing down goals, a critical evaluation of them is another important step in the process. In other words, it is equally as important to review the list of existing goals, check off those that have come true, and think of reasons why others are getting pushed off the list.

Going through this exercise made me realize that the reason I have not yet visited NYC was because I never made it my priority. It’s that simple! I had opportunities, honestly, but something else was taking precedence, perhaps a more important goal on my list. Just the other year, in 2017, a friend of mine who lives in Europe, was visiting a friend in NYC and invited me to meet her there. Although tempting, I politely declined the offer because getting through graduate school was more pressing for me at the time. Could I have taken a 3-day break from studies? Absolutely! In fact, stepping away from everyday mundane routine would only add benefits to my well-being. But I consciously chose not to pursue that offer rationalizing that somehow I would be behind on my work. Silly, isn’t it? Looking back, I think I would actually be more productive, and more joyous too, knowing that I have a fun event scheduled on my calendar. Everything was lining up for me to say yes to this experience, but I blocked it from happening. And that’s an important step in this process – taking responsibility for your own actions or lack thereof.

You see, I’m a strong believer that everything is working together to help you attract your desires. So, as the New Year is upon us, ask yourself what you want out of life and what you wish to accomplish. Take this opportunity to spend some time with yourself and write down your goals. Be bold! Think this way – if you could be or have anything, what would it be? Write your dream life as you see it without thinking how you’re going to get there; it’s irrelevant. Have fun with this process because it was meant to be fun. What’s the worse that can happen? Perhaps you’re afraid that one of your dreams won’t come true? Fear not; there is always next year! Look at how long it’s taking me to visit NYC, but I’m not giving up on it. The only thing I have to do is open up to this possibility and allow it to happen. This leads me to my next point – after writing down your goals, be sure to prioritize your list. And best of all, enjoy the fruits of your manifestation!

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